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ACA Connect Community Interest Network

This American Counseling Association (ACA) interest network provides an opportunity to establish a professional network for accessing a wealth of resources related to providing sexuality counseling interventions to diverse populations, as well as encouraging research and training in sexual wellness.


Why You Should Check Out SWIC...

“SWIC is comprised of a group of individuals who value the richness and complexity of human sexuality. Intentional efforts are made to advocate for sexuality education and training of professionals and students through a multi-dimensional approach. Sexual wellness elucidates the salience of sexual freedoms, rights, and expression while honoring the holistic exploration of the human existence. SWIC advances this sentiment by providing support and guidance to professionals and students that recognize the imperative nature of sexual wellness."

- Cheryl Walker, Past SWIC Administrator


SWIC is looking for humans who respect and honor the sexuality of other humans. Specifically, individuals who wish to be a resounding voice in how sexual wellness is understood and appreciated. sexual wellness is understood and appreciated. If you are interested in assisting us compile articles, upcoming conferences, networking events, speaking engagements, classes, or anything that is sexual and relevant, we need you. If you are interested in helping disseminate a brief newsletter, we need you. If you are interested in meeting like-minded professionals and students, we need you. If you are interested in developing your sexual wellness competency, we need you!

Visit ACA Connect to join the SWIC or contact Tara Robison at

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