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Committee Leader: Tanisha James, LCSW, LCAS, CCS-I

The Promotion & Membership Committee is responsible for membership-related issues or special projects that require discussion, research, and recommendations for association membership business which includes building ACSSW membership, membership dues, social media and website content, and the promotion of ACSSW in the counseling field and larger mental health profession. The committee:

  • Promotes the benefits of ACSSW membership

  • Identifies issues important to members

  • Evaluates current and potential products and services

  • Works to enhance the value of ACSSW membership

  • Investigates equitable due structures

8 Key Concepts of Comprehensive Sexuality Education according to the International Technic


Committee Leader: Angela Schubert, PhD, LPC, LMHC

The Education & Training Committee shall develop, implement, and report on educational programs for ACSSW which include webinars, seminars, basic, intermediate, and advanced sessions, or special projects. The committee:

  • Supports the ACSSW mission

  • Ensures educational programming sponsored by ACSSW adheres to the mission and vision of the association

  • Will develop clinical certifications for licensed counselors potentially to include Counseling Sexologist, Sexual Wellness Counselor, and Sexual Wellness Educator

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Research & Scholarship


Committee Leader: Amber Pope, PhD

The Research & Scholarship Committee shall set overall policy, provide guidance, plan development, and encourage excellence of research and scholarship in sexuality as it relates to the counseling profession.


  • The Counselor Competencies Sub-Committee will develop a working list of minimal competencies in the area of human sexuality that professional counselors should be expected to demonstrate as part of their independent practice.

  • The Journal of Counseling Sexology and Sexual Wellness: Research Practice, and Education (JCSSW; ISSN: 2577-1299) is dedicated to publishing high quality peer-reviewed research in the field of human sexuality and counseling. The journal will publish two issues a year starting in Spring 2019.



Committee Co-Leaders: Debra Perez, PhD, LPCC, BCTP-II, SCPG, & Jeff Strozier, PhD, LCPC

The Social Justice & Advocacy Committee is responsible for providing organization leadership related to issues of social justice as it pertains to sexuality and sexual wellness. This committee is responsible for providing leadership in ACSSW related to advocating for issues of sexuality both within the counseling profession and the wider communities.


The committee:

  • Shall monitor current and upcoming social justice issues related to concerns of discrimination based on sexuality.

  • Shall initiate action providing support for sexually minoritized groups who experience discrimination.

BIPOC Committee

The BIPOC Committee, consistent with the Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling Competencies, will focus on how power, privilege, and oppression has impacted BIPOC communities’ ability to access sexual health related care and develop healthy sexual identities free from social stigma. Additionally, the BIPOC Committee will examine how the current mental health systems reinforce and enable the sexual oppression and stigma of BIPOC communities rather than work toward disabling them. The BIPOC Committee will make recommendations and advocate within the counseling profession for education, research, and scholarship specifically focused on increased support and care related to sexuality in BIPOC communities. The BIPOC Committee will develop educational and training competencies necessary for counselors and mental health professionals in order to effectively work with BIPOC populations related to sexuality and sexually wellness issues. The competencies will include the attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary as a foundation for counselors to gain the cultural sensitivity to address sexual issues when working with BIPOC clients.

Committee Co-Leaders: Monica Boyd-Layne, PhD, LCPC & Anisa Brazier, MA, LPC

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