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Honoring ACSSW 
Past Presidents

The Association of Counseling Sexology & Sexual Wellness was created in 2018 by a group of clinical counselors, counselor educators, and students who recognized the importance of sexuality as a central aspect of the human experience. They believe that in order for counselors to provide holistic care it was ethically necessary for the counseling profession to provide adequate education and training for practitioners. Additionally, there was a need for greater research and scholarship focused on counseling sexology, especially as it relates to marginalized communities. 

This page is dedicated to those pioneers in ACSSW who worked tirelessly to bring ACSSW into existence and, through their efforts, built a community that provided education and training, advocacy, and increased research and scholarship on counseling sexology. 

We are all grateful for their efforts and example as leaders in this effort. 

ACSSW Past Presidents

Angela Schubert, PhD, LPC, NCC, BC-TMH

ACSSW President 2018 - 2022

Dr. Angela Schubert, "Angie", is a ACSSW co-founder and first President of ACSSW. She was an integral part of the development of ACSSW from the onset. Prior to her work in ACSSW, she was the moderator for the Sexual Wellness Interest Network in ACA. If you have met Angie you know her strengths are her ability to connect and network with others. From the beginning she was ACSSW's face to the community and within ACA. Her ability to promote and engage others was critical to the early success of ACSSW. Don't be fooled by her humor or occasional colloquial verbiage, Angie is a knowledgeable academician and can spar with the best when it comes to human sexuality. 

Angie is an Associate Professor and Director of Online Learning for the Clinical Counseling department at Central Methodist University. Dr. Schubert is also the lead clinician and supervisor at Brightside Counseling in Denver, Colorado. She is licensed in Colorado, Missouri, and Florida and is a state approved clinical supervisor.


Her research interests primarily explore clinical training and competencies related to sexuality and sexual health as well as the sexual rights and experiences of marginalized populations whose sexual expressions and orientations fall outside of heteronormative, repronomative lens.  Dr. Schubert is in the the process of becoming an AASECT certified sex therapist and continues to advocate for comprehensive K-12 sex education and sex positive training for mental health professionals across the fields.

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