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2023 ACA Conference Toronto, Canada

ACSSW Showed Up!

Dr. Frances McClain, President
Dr. Robert Zeglin, President-Elect
Dr. Angela Schubert, Past President
The Association of Counseling Sexology & Sexual Wellness 2023 BIPOC Task Force Report
Dr. Frances McClain, ACSSW President
Dr. Tamekia Bell. BIPOC Task Force Member
Dr. Monica Boyd-Layne, BIPOC Task Force Member
Tamekia presenting.jpg

From left to right: Dr. Monica Boyd-Layne (BIPOC Task Force Member), Dr. Frances McClain (ACSSW President), Ameela George (BIPOC Task Force Member, and Dr. Tamekia Bell (BIPOC Task Force Member)

Left: Dr. Monica Boyd-Layne,  BIPOC Task Force Presenter

Right: Dr. Tamekia Bell, BIPOC Task Force Presenter

Ethical NonMonogamy and Those Left Out: Older Adults and Adolescents
ACSSW 22-23 Emerging Leaders:
Cody Helgensen, Doctoral 
Tanna Davis, Masters

Above from left: Tanna Davis and Cody Helgensen with thir poster presentation.
Above right: Tanna Davis and Cody Helgensen explain their poster presentation and answer questions. 

Left: Tanna Davis, Emerging Leader, Dr. Robert Zelgin, ACSSW President-Elect and Emergin Leader Mentor, and Cody Helgensen, Emerging Leader

Human Sexuality Counseling: A Sex Positive Approach, Panel Discussion
Facilitated by Ameela George, ACSSW Member
Dr. Angela Schubert, ACSSW Past President, Co-Editor

Below left and right: Dr. Angela Schubert, ACSSW Past President and Co-Editor of the Hanbook for Human Sexuality Counseling  signs a book and chats with attendees from the panel
Left: An empty cocktail glass was present representing Dr. Pope who was the co-edictor of the Hanbook of Counseling Sexology. 

Fun Over the 
years with ACSSW...

ACA Conference & Expo 2022


ACES 2019, Seattle, WA
Let to right: Dr. Robert Zeglin, ACSSW Honorable Past President, Dr. Frances Mcclain, President-Elect, and Dr. Angela Schubert, ACSSW President

ACA Conference & Expo 2019


2018 ACA Conference & Expo 
The Beginning...

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